Why You Need Car Accident Insurance

car accident insurance
There has been a positive trend in car crashes and deaths in the last two decades. They have been steadily declining thanks to remarkable breakthroughs in automobile technology and greater safety awareness for the most part. However, the “stats” have somewhat reversed in recent months, and the trend is rising for accidents and vehicle-related deaths. The principal culprit here seems to be the dreaded duo of driving while on the phone and, even worse, texting while behind the wheel. This is why you need car accident insurance and more insurance protection. Let Praetorian Insurance Company help you get the right coverage for your vehicle at the cheapest rates. Get your free online quote now.

Accident Auto Insurance Provides further protection

Why you should get auto accident insurance: in the new world of distracted driving, you should consider getting better ins coverage; this doesn’t mean you are less of a good driver; you must protect yourself from those who aren’t. You especially need to watch out for those without insurance by getting an uninsured policy.

  • You have money invested in your vehicle, which is not a tiny amount, and you must protect that investment.
  • You are leasing (not recommended) your car or have a bank loan and must have extra coverage.
  • You cannot afford to lose your car if it is totaled, and you would not have the money to replace it.
  • It would be best if you had extra peace of mind.
  • It would be best if you had protection against uninsured motorists.

Proper auto accident insurance will protect you from a financial disaster if you are hit and your car is totaled. While this coverage costs more than basic liability insurance, it can pay off in the long run if you get hit and file a claim. More people are on American roads than ever, increasing your chances of getting into a crash. Recently published information by the NSC or National Safety Council notes an increase in driving due to lower gas prices and the high unemployment rate. Simply put, there are more people on the road than at work. Besides, recent extreme weather conditions in the last year have led to more weather-based traffic incidents.

The dreaded cell phone is a new factor playing a more significant role in accidents than most driver safety analysts ever expected. In the last several years, most states have passed laws banning the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle; this includes sending texts, checking messages, and talking while driving. Despite these new laws that were put in place, there are more people than ever ignoring them and putting other motorists at risk. Distracted driving accidents have increased yearly as people will not put these devices down when they drive. This carelessness is not only killing people but raising the costs of insurance for everyone. In the last quarter of 2015, Allstate and Geico announced they were raising insurance rates, based mainly on the increase in claims resulting from distracted driving. These big insurers maintain austere profit margins, and when they are squeezed, they raise rates by passing on higher costs to the consumers. You may not be able to save 15% from Geico much longer after all.

collision and comprehensive
Protect Yourself with Collision or Comprehensive Coverage

The best and recommended way to protect yourself from a financial catastrophe that results from a car crash is to get the right kind of insurance protection; this means getting covered adequately with a collision or comprehensive plan. Collision insurance would compensate you for damage to your vehicle even if you were at fault. So, if you back into a pole at 7-11 because you were distracted while sucking down a “Slurpee,” don’t worry; this type of ins protection will cover you. If you want even better protection against all kinds of accidents, you will need comprehensive insurance; this will provide reimbursement for just about anything that could happen to your vehicle other than a car crash. Typical occurrences where this coverage comes in are floods, fires, trees falling and causing damage, thefts, and vandalism. Get quoted today with Praetorian auto insurance and save up to 45% with a fast rate quote.

Get Cheap Car Accident Insurance Online

Getting cheap auto accident insurance is easier than ever. Just go online, and you can compare ten or more quotes in a few quick minutes. At the Praetorian insurance company, we search the web for the best deals for the coverage you need. We do the complex work for you and even help you find discounts you qualify for. Get your no-obligation quote right away and see how much you can save.