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Why you need car accident insurance

Why You Need Car Accident Insurance There has been a positive trend in car crashes and deaths in the last two decades. They have been steadily declining thanks to remarkable breakthroughs in automobile technology and greater safety awareness for the most part. However, the “stats” have somewhat reversed in recent months, and the trend is […]



Cheap Windstorm Insurance

Cheap Windstorm Insurance If you asked the average person what the leading cause of catastrophic home losses is, they might think of fires or flooding. The most significant source of house damage comes from the Wind. On an average year, according to the insurance institute, about 25% of all property claims in the U.S. come […]



Praetorian Cheaper Auto Insurance

Cheaper Car Insurance – Praetorian Insurance While everyone wants to get the lowest priced car insurance, the price should not always be the first consideration. When you shop for a new policy, you must get coverage that appropriately meets your needs. Once you have decided on a solid plan, you can look for cheaper car […]



New Driver Insurance

New Driver Insurance So you have counted down the days to your 16th birthday and are fantasizing about a new sports car along with the much-craved freedom to hit the road. You visualize your friends admiring you as you “speed” buy in your shiny ride. Most young people have youthful dreams about getting their driver’s […]



2021 Auto Insurance Rates

2021 Auto Insurance Rates – Praetorian Insurance Company As 2022 draws to a fast close, you might be thinking of ways to lower your budget heading into the new year. While some bills are fixed and difficult to lower like a mortgage, automobile insurance is one area you can consistently save on. You might be […]



Roadside Insurance

Praetorian – Roadside Insurance So you are planning a long road trip halfway across the US to escape it all. You are a worry freak and prepare for everything, including a GPS unit, tool kit, flashlight, and extra food. After all, you plan on venturing into uninhabited areas that frequent more wild animals than people. […]



Comparing The Average Cost Of Gladiator Insurance For Different Models

Comparing The Average Cost Of Gladiator Insurance For Different Models When it comes to insuring your Jeep Gladiator, the numbers can be as tough as the trails you tackle with this rugged machine. Balancing that off-road freedom with a dose of financial savvy is something every Gladiator owner grapples with. Thanks to our deep dive […]



Praetorian Insurance Co

Understanding The Benefits Of Praetorian Insurance Co For Your Property And Casualty Needs Property and casualty insurance isn’t just a box to tick off on your financial to-do list—it’s the safety net that lets you sleep soundly, knowing that whatever life hurls your way, from rogue storms to fender benders, you’re covered. At Praetorian Insurance Co, our commitment […]



Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance Understanding the value of your home goes beyond just its market price; it’s where life unfolds, and memories are made. Whether you’re a new homeowner or have enjoyed the comfort of your abode for years, unforeseen events like natural disasters, theft, or accidents can threaten this sanctuary. It’s not just about walls and roofs—it’s protecting the […]



Praetorian Renters Insurance – Protect Your Home and Belongings

Renting a home or apartment can be an exciting and liberating experience, but it also comes with its own set of risks.  One of the biggest risks that renters face is the potential loss of their belongings due to theft, fire, or other disasters. This is where renters insurance comes in, and Praetorian renters insurance […]



Praetorian Insurance Division Business Insurance Programs

Praetorian Insurance Division Business Insurance Programs Praetorian Insurance Company is a division of the leading Insurance Group, one of the largest general insurers worldwide. The group’s head office is in Sydney, Australia, but it operates in 38 countries across the globe with a strong presence in the global insurance market. The head office of its […]



Car Insurance Premiums and how to Lower them

Car Insurance Premiums and How to Lower Them Are you one of those confused with all the different insurance lingo thrown about? Does it sound strange? Like a foreign language when a broker is talking liability, comprehensive, and annuity policies? Insurance is a huge industry that makes up a significant chunk of the American economy. […]



Home Insurance Deductible

Home Insurance Deductible So, you are getting ready to buy your new dream house and can’t wait to move in. There is a huge checklist of things to do, like get a moving van and a security system set up. One of the most valuable keys to homeownership is getting the right coverage and securing […]



Home Insurance Policy

Home Insurance Policy You must purchase home insurance if you own a home financed through a lending institution. All lenders will require specific coverage based on your mortgage loan amount. However, you will need to analyze what type of home insurance policy you need for your situation and then get covered at the lowest rate […]