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At Praetorian Insurance Company, we believe that obtaining quality insurance coverage is an essential need to protect your most precious assets, you and your family’s well-being. Praetorian Insurance is committed to providing innovative insurance products that protect each customer and provide the peace of mind they deserve at rates they can afford.

At Praetorian, we know many people struggle to afford car insurance. This is why we have convenient low-down-payment programs for just $20 a month, making it easier for customers to get covered. We also have convenient payment plans that you can select on any day of the month that best suits your particular needs.

For over thirty years, we have steadily grown by not just listening to our clients but also making continuous improvements to both our products and business practices. Our mission is to serve each customer and their specific needs better than the competition at competitively low rates. The treatment for each customer is the same. To take the time and listen to the needs of all our clients first and foremost. We then help each client create a custom insurance policy that protects their assets with quality coverage, met with affordable rates. This formula has worked for years, and we will continue to serve all our customers at the highest level.

Let’s Face It, Calling for Auto and Home Insurance Quotes Can Be a Frustrating Experience

The same can be true for comparing insurance rates online. There are hundreds of websites, and many only give one quote or direct you to an agent without providing a quote. We go above and beyond for each customer. After all, who can you trust with your best interest in mind these days?

Comparing car insurance quotes does not have to be a frustrating and time-consuming issue. With just a few minutes of filling out an online application, you can compare the lowest rates from hundreds of Top auto insurance providers at Praetorian. There is no obligation to buy a policy, and we will never sell your information to third parties.

To satisfy you and make you even happier, we do all the hard work so you don’t have to. With Praetorian auto insurance, we offer total solutions to your insurance needs. We can build just about any policy you need, from liability-only coverage to umbrella packages that provide complete protection. We have low rates and excellent coverage if you need commercial car insurance.

We know your time is very valuable. That’s why we have a fast quote process that only takes about five minutes. We will show you how much you can save with a quick online quote. Get started now with an online quote. You can even use your smartphone to check rates.

Praetorian Insurance Coverage  

Choosing the right auto and home insurance coverage can be confusing for many people. You must carefully select the type of car insurance coverage you need and limits that fully protect you. This is where a friendly Praetorian insurance agent can help you. Our line consists of Auto, Home, Life, and Health with Praetorian Insurance Company. Feel free to call a Praetorian Insurance agent anytime with whatever question you might have. All licensed agents will give unbiased advice on providing you with the best coverage at the most affordable rates.  

Whether you need Praetorian basic liability insurance or comprehensive coverage, we can get you covered and save you money. Praetorian liability insurance starts at about $30 a month for qualified drivers. For those on a tight budget looking to get insured for the least out-of-pocket expense, cheap car insurance from $20 down is available. 

With medical costs soaring and vehicle repair costs escalating, getting the right amount of protection is vital when selecting automobile insurance coverage. Praetorian Insurance Co can also assist high-risk drivers in getting covered, even if they have been turned away by other insurers. Praetorian believes in second chances and has affordable rates for higher-risk motorists. To compare plans and rates, start by entering your zip code. If you prefer to call, agents stand by during regular business hours to assist you.  

Praetorian Insurance Products

Praetorian Insurance Company has a broad range of insurance products to serve you. These include: 

  • Automobile
  • Motorcycle
  • Homeowners and Renters
  • Life
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Commercial Auto Insurance 

Our automobile line is competitively priced and comes with roadside assistance and 24/7 claim support. Our liability auto insurance would help if you are covered at only $29 a month and comes with roadside assistance at no additional charge. This is a popular option for many consumers on a tight budget.

You can choose from the collision and comprehensive packages for those customers who need more coverage, all at everyday low prices. You can save more by bundling your auto and home insurance together. Get a free quote today and see how much we can save you in a few minutes.

Praetorian Home Insurance 

Your home is your castle and probably the single most significant investment you’ve made in your life. Consequently, you need to cover it adequately with Praetorian home insurance. You never know when a disaster can strike, and you need to have your home and the contents inside protected. Catastrophic events can happen at any moment. This includes hurricanes, tornados, flooding, and earthquakes. With Praetorian homeowners coverage, you can get your home insured for as little as $475 a year. That’s less than $40 a month. 

You can get an online or over-the-phone home insurance quote in less than ten minutes. All we need is a bit of information about your home and some basic information about the homeowner. If you need help deciding on the best home insurance policy, feel free to call and talk with a Praetorian agent. Get a free online home insurance quote. Start by entering your zip code.

Praetorian Home Insurance Has Some of the Best Rates Nationwide

Whether you have a small starter home or a large estate, check out our online estimates and see how much you can save on home insurance coverage. For customers looking to bundle car and homeowners insurance, discounts of up to 15% can be earned on select policies.

Praetorian term life insurance can get you the added security your family deserves at rates from just $29 a month. Today, life insurance rates have never been cheaper, with people living longer than ever. If you are a non-smoker under 45, we have rates that fit almost any budget. We also have great prices on standard life insurance for smokers and those in all age brackets. Get a free term life insurance price quote now and see how much you can save with Praetorian.

Why You Need Praetorian Insurance 

Car insurance is mandatory in every state in the U.S. Simply put, you must carry insurance if you operate a motor vehicle. Praetorian Insurance helps drivers get excellent coverage at the cheapest available rates. Praetorian also helps drivers low on funds get insured with the lowest possible down payment requirement.

Praetorian insurance has grown for many years by delivering great coverage and affordable rates. Once you become a customer, a 24/7 claim service and helpful representatives stand by to assist you. To see how much you can save, enter your zip code and get a quote.

Compare New Car Insurance Rates Every Six Months 

Many people think getting auto, and home insurance quotes take hours. The truth is it’s never been easier to compare rates online. The internet has made insurance comparison shopping fast and easy. Most people can save 25% or more with direct rates from providers like Praetorian Insurance Company. 

Praetorian Insurance is constantly updating its coverage and rates. You should check rates every six months to try and lower your rates. There’s a good chance we can lower your rate if you have had no accidents or claims in the prior six months. Many first-time customers can save over $500 by switching to Praetorian. Get a quote today and see how much you can save.  

Compare Praetorian Insurance Company Rates Online

Wise consumers always shop for the best products and services at the lowest rates and rarely overpay. Here is the truth for financial products like auto and home insurance coverage insurance. Savvy shoppers will review at least five online quotes before they make a buying decision. That helps them find the best rate. It’s that simple.

Not only should the price be a vital decision-making factor, but overall service ratings and claim service should be considered when deciding what insurer to buy coverage from. After all, you never know when you will need to file a claim, and it could be for a significant amount of money. It would help if you had an insurance carrier there for you 24/7 and the resources to pay your claim in full and on time. Praetorian Insurance is a company that can meet your needs every time.

Why do we have the whole advantage claim program that gives you immediate access to a representative when you need it? This means you can connect with a representative anytime, day or night. Our claim professionals will assist you throughout the entire claim process and provide helpful advice whenever you need it. We are there for clients when they need help the most.

Our 5-star ratings prove that we are serious about customer service. We strive to treat each client as if they are our only ones. This might explain the high retention rate of our buyers. Some helpful reps and recommendations have helped us grow over the years.

Praetorian Insurance Website

The Praetorian Insurance website was built with our valued customers in mind. Customers can shop for new quotes, update their profile, and even set up automatic payment schedules with helpful minute reps standing by to assist you in any way necessary.

We take pride in making the buying experience stress-free and our top-level account management and bill paying service. The online site not only offers quotes on a variety of insurance products but has online claim tracking, bill paying, and even a resource center where you can better educate yourself on almost any insurance topic.

We understand that price is more important in today’s economic environment than ever. After all, you are getting quotes because you want a lower price for your coverage. Our quality insurance products have some of the best rates of any national carrier. To assist customers on a tight budget, we offer monthly installment plans for your added convenience. If you want to pay in full, we have special incentives that can save you even more.

Praetorian Insurance Partner Carriers

Praetorian Insurance providers have such reasonable prices because of our vast partner network. We only connect with the largest, lowest-priced companies. This means we can get you custom quotes from nationally recognized firms below almost any other competitors’ prices. Our online web quotes search dozens of companies to select the best quotes available for the coverage you need. This is the Praetorian price advantage. Each firm in our network is scrutinized vigorously and maintains a minimum of an A rating from the respected A.M. Best rating firm. When you buy a policy with us, you can be assured you are only getting the very best.

Praetorian Insurance Quotes

Are you ready to get a free rate quote and see how much you can save? With the Praetorian insurance company, there is never any pressure to buy a policy. We want you to see how low our rates are without any hassles. If you purchase a policy from us, you can cancel anytime and get a full refund. It’s that simple. Now you can see one of our many advantages over our competition. You can get quotes for boat insurance too and even motorcycle coverage. We want to be your insurer of choice for all your insurance needs.

Get a bundled home and auto quote now and save over 15% online. If you also want a life quote, we can store your customer profile and get you quoted in under 5 minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Take a few moments and apply for your custom online insurance quote. The average savings are over $500, and we will even help you find additional discounts you can qualify for. Get started today and let Praetorian insurance company help you save more money on the coverage you need.