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roadside insurance
So you are planning a long road trip halfway across the US to escape it all. You are a worry freak and prepare for everything, including a GPS unit, tool kit, flashlight, and extra food. After all, you plan on venturing into uninhabited areas that frequent more wild animals than people. The last thing you want to happen is to be stranded unprepared, miles away from the nearest city. One thing you might regret not getting is roadside insurance. Think about it for a second. What will you do if your car breaks down 100 miles away from the nearest mechanic? You surely can’t wait for a friendly fellow motorist to stop by and help, which might be unsafe these days.

If you do not have the proper coverage in a severe breakdown, you may be on the hook for one massive towing bill, assuming you can get a cell phone signal. Believe it; the tow-truck companies will know precisely how dependent you are on their services and will charge you through the nose. Sadly, there are far too many stories of drivers stuck out in the middle of nowhere. These people sometimes even die because they were unprepared and no one was around to offer any help. Get immediate roadside car insurance online with a praetorian insurance company today. The quote is free of charge, and you can get covered in minutes. Don’t drive another day without this vital insurance.

Be Prepared when you Travel by Automobile.

Even though you might have a breakdown assistance policy, you should always be prepared when going more than 100 miles. Here are a few of the basics you should not leave home without.

* Two or more quarts of oil: You might have an engine leak you do not know about, so extra oil could save the day.
* A set of Jumper cables: Batteries run out of power all the time, so stay prepared by having a bunch of jumper cables on-hand.
* One gallon of coolant – antifreeze: If you plan a summer trip out in the desert, this could save your car from overheating.
* At least 1 gallon of water: Water comes in handy during emergencies, from human consumption to the radiator.
* An emergency first-aid package: This essential kit could save someone’s life
* An extra jacket and blankets: Even the desert can get to freezing temps at night, so be prepared.
* At least one Flashlight: These inexpensive devices come in handy in the dark, especially when it comes to auto repairs
* Emergency Flares: You can be spotted from long distances with these safety flares.
* Pens and Extra Paper: If you are stuck and leave your vehicle, you can write down where you are going and keep notes.
* Extra Food: Grab a box of power food bars and canned energy foods like tuna.

Remember, you can never be too prepared. Your life is precious, so treat it like that with total preparation. All the items in the list above can be stored in one corner of an average-sized vehicle. Get your custom praetorian auto insurance quote today, and see how easy saving money on insurance can be.

Choosing Roadside Auto Insurance Plans

You have two basic choices if you want to get covered with a roadside ins plan. The first is to get this specialty coverage added to your automobile policy. The good news is most insurers only charge a few dollars a month for it. If you are ever in a jam and need to get your vehicle towed, having this on your plan will save you some serious money. You can get breakdown-ins for as low as $5 a month, including towing. Please ensure you never pay more than $15 monthly because saving and investing the money might be wiser.

The other option is to go with companies that specialize in providing roadside assistance plans. The oldest and most famous of these firms is AAA. There are three levels of membership offered. Annual member prices range from $52 for the classic, $82 for the plus service, and $105 for the premiere. That means you can have this valuable service for less than $5 a month, which is cheaper than most insurers charge. AAA Insurance has affiliates in just about every corner of the USA, so chances are very high that if you get stranded, they will be there to help you. The other good news is your insurer might give you a small discount just by having an AAA membership.

Get Roadside Car Insurance Quotes Online

If you are planning on getting this essential coverage, go online and get a free quote. With praetorian insurance, we will match you with the best-priced roadside insurance anywhere. The selection is free, and you can cancel at any time. Get quoted now and save hundreds online.