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praetorian direct car insurance quotes
Every smart shopper out there these days knows that the best place for getting awesome low rates on automobile insurance is on the net. The world wide web is a fiercely competitive marketplace where the consumers hold all the cards. The ability to compare multiple direct car insurance quotes online in a matter of minutes has re-shaped the insurance industry forever. Customers can sit in the privacy of their home and get as many quotes as they want, when they want and choose from what carrier to buy a policy.

Gone are the days of pushy brokers hiding information and promoting policies that give them the greatest commission. The real action today in the auto insurance market is online and by putting a few simple tips into practice, anyone should be able to save hundreds of his or her annual insurance bill. Check rates with Praetorian insurance company, in just five minutes. Take a look at these simple ways you can lower your insurance premiums.

1. Shop at Comparison unbiased sites that offer multiple Direct insurance quotes.
If you want to save time, go to sites that will compare all of the major insurance providers rates for you. Rather than going to each national insurer one by one, you can enter your zip and other essential info and then do a comparison in just about 4 or 5 minutes. Traditional portals like Praetorian insurance company let you comparison shop the best rates from all the top carriers, in addition to helping you get all the discounts you deserve.

2. Decide on the Amount of Auto Insurance Coverage You Need
The cost of your policy will be made up in part of the type and quantity of coverage you need. If you are a young person just starting out with limited financial resources and drive an older car, you might be wise to stick with liability ins with the state minimum limits. However, if you have assets that need to be protected, in addition to much money invested in your vehicle, you are going to need collision insurance or even comprehensive.

Remember, insurance is there to protect you, and that means protection from lawsuits that could be extremely expensive if you were found to be at-fault and caused significant damage to another party. Once you know the amount of coverage that you need, then you can easily compare rates directly online much faster and see what carrier has the cheapest cost.

Insurance professionals advise that you should purchase enough liability insurance to cover the majority of your personal assets. In general, it is advised to get at least $50,000 in bodily injury – liability limits in addition to $100,000 or more for all the persons in your vehicle that were injured in an incident.

If you have $1,000,000 or more in personal assets, it might be smart to get a comprehensive policy that protects you up to $1,000,000. Remember, each situation is unique, and you need to buy insurance with the idea of always protecting the hard earned assets that you’ve accumulated.

3. Specialty Carriers have lower Rates in Certain Markets
Many insurers have specialty niches and have special rates for different market segments. For example, AARP The Hartford has discounts for qualified senior drivers. They understand the elderly auto insurance market and how to serve those customers.

Other companies like 21st century have lower rates than normal for younger drivers between the ages of 25 – 34. This is why it is so important to get a large pool of direct auto insurance quotations, so you can be assured of getting the best deal. Shop online now with Praetorian Auto Insurance and see how easy saving money on automotive insurance can be.

4. Gather Detailed Information on each Company You are interested In First before you buy a Policy
Never assume, just because a business is online and you got a quote, that they are a healthy business. Insurance companies, like any other industry, go out of business all the time. This means you need to do your due diligence first. Go to unbiased sites like A.M. Best and check the financial health of any carrier you are thinking of buying a policy. If they have bad grades, a C or lower, stay away.

Only do business with those providers that maintain solid financial ratings. Also, check sites like Yelp for consumer feedback on claim responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction. You should also check the companies website and make sure there are online features such as bill pay, claim tracking and toll-free support, all readily available on the site.

5. Get all the Discounts You Can
This is such an important tip because it is so easy to save an extra 10% just by applying for the discounts you qualify. Most carriers have discounts for good drivers, good student, teachers, and veterans to name a few. Another current discount is to bundle your home and auto insurance together.

Not only can you save about 10%, but will save much hassle by only dealing with one insurer. Some companies also give small discounts for paying your premium entirely for the year, rather than making monthly payments.

Get your direct car insurance quotes today with the Praetorian insurance company. The quote is free, and we can help you get every discount you qualify for. Get going now and see how much you can save on insuring your automobile.