Cheap Windstorm Insurance

cheap windstorm insurance
If you asked the average person what the leading cause of catastrophic, home losses, he or she might think of fires or flooding. In fact, the biggest source of house damage comes from the wind. On an average year, according to the insurance institute, about 25% of all property claims in the U.S. come from the wind. The average claim is over $8,000, and this costs insurers hundreds of millions annually. Get cheap windstorm insurance now with praetorian ins and save hundreds online with a free quote.

Windstorm Premiums vary by Geographical Area

The price you pay for insuring your home can vary a great deal depending on the geographical area you live. If you reside in a location that has a history of massive hurricanes, then you can expect high ins costs. Typical areas include most of the Florida and coastal Georgia and South Carolina. In the early 2,000s, several big hurricanes hit the Florida region causing billions of dollars in claims for insurance companies. As a result, some providers deemed this market too expensive and too much of a risk. They ended up getting out of FL and cancelling existing policies. The companies that still serve this market raised prices and charge stiff premiums in many coastal cities like Miami.

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These powerful weather events can destroy a home and all of the contents inside. Mega hurricanes like the infamous “Katrina” can level huge parts of a city, leaving many people homeless or even worse, dead. There are several steps though you can take to reduce your premiums and upgrade your home so that it can withstand strong wind forces. Doing so is not only smart but cost effective.

  1. Get you home wind Mitigation Inspected

The reason you should do this is simple, to save more money. This will include a detailed inspection of your property that could reduce your ins premiums by almost 50%. That could easily save you thousands. Although the inspection will no doubt cost a few hundred, you will get that money back in realized savings in just a few months. After that, you can set aside the savings you get each month towards home improvements or mortgage reduction. This is the best way to get cheaper wind home insurance and a step you should take if you live in an area prone to hurricanes.

  1. Wind Proof your home and Save on Insurance Costs

The Wind can cause severe damage to your house. These formidable forces can generate wind speeds of over 100 MPH and blow out doors and windows. Once this takes place, water damage often results in flooding. In a worse case scenario, a poorly reinforced home can be completely leveled and blown away, causing a total loss. Enhancing your home so that is can withstand these powerful winds will not only possibly prevent significant damage, but it will get you cheaper home insurance. When a mitigation expert comes out and assesses you property, they will check for several important things to see how well built your house is.


These include concrete blocks that are properly braced and reinforced, two sets of roofing straps and key barriers that prevent the flow of water. If you have all these safety measures in your home, you can qualify for huge coverage discounts. If not, you should consider upgrading your place. Doing so will not only get your cheaper homeowners insurance but could save your home if a windstorm does occur. Most homes in Florida that were built after 2002 already have these safety construction enforcements and should pass a mitigation inspection without expensive upgrades.

  1. Shop Online for the Cheapest Rates

The best place you can go for cheap windstorm insurance on the web. You can select the coverage you need and compare multiple insurance offers in about ten minutes. Sites like Praetorian insurance company will provide you with helpful insurance tips and find discounts that can save you a lot more. Only the best national providers work with praetorian home insurance and with direct pricing, those cost savings are passed along to you. Apply for your house ins quote on-line or give us a call today.